Pop-Up Curry Restaurant is the trend in Japan


Now “Magari Curry is becoming trendy bit by bit in Japan. Magari means like a Pop-up restaurant. The curry lovers who usually work as office workers open curry shops in just the weekend daytime in the bar or izakaya, which usually open only at night. This is very good for the owner because normally the bar is opened only at night. If they can give them the space for only the daytime, they can get the money without opening it and working. It goes without saying that the borrower is pleased to have their own shop. I think nowadays way of life has been changing big. We want to do what we want to. Like YouTuber, Liver, specific categories specialist, food lover naturally think wanna open themselves restaurant. And also, Magari Curry is lovely and original. Because Magari owner opens restaurant just for money, it is just hobby. So they can be free. They express their identity on their plate. From the perspective of the Customer, It is very new and enjoyable. And Magari curry can make a small community.


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