The Best Beef Katsu Curry Restaurants in Tokyo

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Do you know that there are so many Katsu curry restaurants in Tokyo? And we Japanese love curry and Tonkatsu as much as we love ramen. I eat 300 plates of curry every year. So, I am thrilled to introduce my favorite Tokyo curry restaurants. At this time, I am trying to focus on Beef Katsu curry restaurants. I assume that beef katsu is not popular with tourists from other countries, but Beef Katsu is getting more popular a year and a year.

Shinjuku Station

Let’s get started!

Bayleaf at Akasaka

My favorite restaurant is here, Bayleaf. This restaurant is located in one of the best business districts in Tokyo, where many famous companies are located. It is a very popular restaurant that is crowded with businessmen during lunchtime. The specialty here is the Beef Katsu Curry, a crispy beef cutlet with a spicy sauce that perfectly matches. Once you try this dish, you will never forget it.

Beef Katsu Curry 8$
This is the one of the best curry in tokyo
Chicken curry is also available, but Beef Katsu is more recommended

Kareto. Men at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa

The other store is Kareto.Men. This store is located in the Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area, which has been bustling with activity recently. This is a rare restaurant in Tokyo that serves both ramen and curry at the same time. The ramen is delicious, but we recommend ordering curry here. The Beef Katsu Curry is one of the best. Be sure to try it topped with an Ontama (soft-boiled egg)!

Beef Katsu Curry with Ontama 10$
It’s beautiful…
Also ramen is available, but Curry is highly recommended
Kare to Men

Do you like it? I guess that is not familiar to you guys, but I highly recommend you. Of course, there are so many Tonkatsu(pork tonkatsu) curry restaurants in Tokyo.

MAJI curry at kanda
Kitchen ABC at Ikebukuro or Otsuka

Come here and enjoy the most delicious food in the world!


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