Best 5 Japanese Katsu Curry Restaurant in Kanazawa


Hi, This is Jupiter. I’m a tour guide in Japan. Kanazawa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. There are many things to see and do in Japanese gardens, old streets, and samurai houses.

Kanazawa Station

It is also famous for its delicious sushi.
So many historical place

However, the most beloved local dish is “Katsu Curry” (pork cutlet curry). It is called “Kanazawa Curry” and has recently been loved all over Japan. If you visit Kanazawa, please try Kanazawa Katsu Curry. In this issue, we will introduce five recommended restaurants.

What is Kanazawa Katsu Curry?

Kanazawa Curry has the following characteristics…

  1. Tonkatsu is placed on top of a thick curry roux, and the sauce is poured over the cutlet.
  2. It is served on a boat-shaped plate made of stainless steel.
  3. It is eaten with a broken spoon or fork.
  4. It is served with shredded cabbage.
  5. The curry roux is poured over the entire dish, and the rice is arranged so that it is not visible at all.
This is Normal Katsu Curry
This is Kanazawa Katsu Curry

Go-Go Curry

Go-Go Curry is the most famous Kanazawa Curry restaurant in Japan. There are more than 80 stores worldwide, including in the United States. There is also a store in Kanazawa station so you can quickly try it. The gorilla mark is a landmark. Personally, I highly recommend Gogo Curry if you are not sure where to go.

at Kanazawa station
800 Yen

Turban Curry

Turban Curry is famous in front of Kanazawa City Hall. This popular restaurant has been loved for over 50 years. The curry with pork cutlet served at the old-fashioned counter is exquisite. It is a little lighter than other restaurants.

Turban Curry Honten
Small size 780yen

Champion’s Curry

The original Kanazawa Curry restaurant is Champion Curry. There is also a store on the first basement floor of Omimachi Market, a popular tourist attraction in Kanazawa. There are 50 stores nationwide, so you may possibly find Champion Curry outside of Kanazawa.

Champion’s CUrry Honten
at Oumicho-Market

Indian Curry Chu-O Ichiba

This is another restaurant with a long history. In addition to curry with pork cutlets, you can enjoy a wide variety of curry dishes such as curry with vegetables and eggs on top.

Hot House

Lastly, although not a curry with pork cutlets, we introduce a beloved Indian curry restaurant in Kanazawa. It is a little far from the station, but Hot House is loved by locals. If you’re craving Indian curry, this is the place to go!

Have fun in Kanazawa! Kanazawa Curry is famous outside of Kanazawa as well. There are also stores in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, which are very delicious. I also write a blog about recommended curry shops in Tokyo and Osaka, so please take a look if you like.

Kanazawa has very Japanese vibes


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