Best 5 Katsu Curry restaurants in Osaka, Japan

osaka Osaka

Do you know that there are so many curry restaurants in Osaka? And we Japanese love curry as much as we love ramen. I eat 300 plates of curry every year. So, I am thrilled to introduce my favorite Osaka curry restaurants. I try to focus on KATSU curry restaurants. Osaka has many things to do; I highly recommend eating great food in Osaka.

Osaka Castle

Hakugin-Tei at Honamachi

Hakugin-Tei is a curry restaurant famous for its katsu curry. Curry in Osaka is sweet and spicy. The juicy cutlet is the best match for the flavorful curry roux. It is very delicious. It is a popular restaurant, so you may have to wait in line. Try to go there with plenty of time to spare.

Kastu curry 7$

Joto Curry at Osaka

Joto Curry is a very popular curry chain with 40 branches in Osaka. Osaka’s sweet and spicy curry roux is very delicious. It is cheap, filling, and loved by the locals.

Osaka Katsu curry 5$

New light at Namba

New light is a popular restaurant in Namba, Osaka’s southern downtown area. You can eat anything from omelet rice, curry rice, ramen noodles, etc. Among them, we recommend Katsu Curry (pork cutlet curry). Many people are attracted by its unique appearance and taste, and the restaurant has many fans. And this is so so cheap. This Katsu curry costs just 5$.

Katsu Curry with raw egg
Very good atmosphere

Hinoya Curry at Namba

Hinoya Curry is another popular curry shop. It is tasty if you crack a raw egg and mix it with the curry roux. There are many other dishes on the menu, such as fried shrimp and chicken cutlet, so you are sure to be satisfied. And Also, this shop is in San Francisco, the U.S.

Katsu curry

Go Go Curry at Namba

Go Go Curry is a typical Kanazawa curry restaurant. It is a little different from Osaka Katsu Curry, but the number of stores is expanding nationwide. It comes with a silver plate, cutlet with sauce, and cabbage. There are about 10 stores in the U.S., and it is a representative Japanese curry restaurant loved around the world.

Indian Curry at Umeda and Namba

This is not Katsu Curry, but a typical Osaka Curry restaurant. Curry in Osaka is sweet and spicy. A typical restaurant is Indian Curry here. It is a popular restaurant with 8 branches in Osaka. The menu includes curry rice, curry spaghetti, and hashed rice. We recommend topping it with a raw egg.

Indian Curry with egg

How do you like it? I always want to go to Osaka for fantastic curry rice. One more thing, my post may be good for you, Top 5 Must-Go Tokyo Curry restaurants. See you next time!


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