Traditional Japanese pickles Curry in Kyoto


We Japanese eat Tukemono for a very long time. Tukemono means Japanese pickles which made from lot’s of kind vegetable. In Kyoto, recently one curry shop is really in the limelight. That is Traditional pickles company opened the curry shop named ‘Cray pod curry Ohmiya Seiuemon’ Today I will show you this curry.

Where is

This curry shop is located in Maruta town, Nakagyo ward, Kyoto. It is known for kyoto imperial palace and many tourist spot. Just 10 minutes away from Kyoto Station. After you arrive at Maruta Machi station, the curry shop is 10 minutes walking away from there. You can see below shop.


They have several curry menu.

・Home made brisket curry
・Beef curry
・Keema curry
・Pork cutlet curry
・Sausage curry
・Chicken gristle & green onion curry
・Hamburg Steak Curry

There are also toppings as below
boiled egg, fried onion, cheese.

Of course, we can have Japanese pickles.

That day it is lack of a pickles

Keema Curry with egg yolk ¥1,200

Home made brisket curry ¥1,350

Free pickles

After the curry

There are one coffee shop near pickles curry shop. You can chose your favorite taste. It’s good to walk around with this good coffee.


There are so many tourist destinations in this area. I will tell you some of them.

1. kyoto imperial palace

2. Goo Shrine


Cray pod curry Ohmiya Seiuemon
Kyoto Nakagyo Ward Yokokajicho 113-1
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